Business planning and financial modeling for mfis handbook

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CGAP: Helping to Build a Microfinance Industry

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Planning and Financial Modeling for Microfinance Institutions: A Handbook, included an accompanying Excel-based financial model (Microfin) that MFIs could use.

MICROFIN – Business Planning and Financial Projections

BUSINESS PLANNING & FINANCIAL MODELING FOR GROWING MICROFINANCE INSTITUTIONS A 5 - Day interactive Business Planning & Financial Modelling for Growing Finance Managers, Operations Managers, and Board Members from MFIs, NGOs, other Financial Service Providers, Microfinance Networks, Apex institutions, Donors, and Consultants.

THE CONSULTATIVE GROUP TO ASSIST THE POOREST [A MICROFINANCE PROGRAM] Business Planning and Financial Modeling for Microfinance Institutions A Handbook.

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Ten Basic Principles for MFIs that Collect Savings from the Public4 Development of the Business Plan Financial Modeling Tools and Methods Financial Modeling Tax Strategy Considerations of the Business Plan Annex 5B: Checklist for Strategic and Business Planning Chapter 6 The Funding Structure Funding Sources.

CGAP developed a course for practitioners on how to use the CGAP's Business Planning and Financial Modeling Handbook. CGAP launched a Pilot Africa Capacity Building Initiative in April to introduce a series of three short, highly focused, financial management courses for MFI managers.

The new handbook provides detailed guidance on using version 3 of Microfin, the latest version of the Excel-based financial modeling tool specifically designed for MFIs.

Part 1 provides a brief overview of the key elements of strategic planning.

Business planning and financial modeling for mfis handbook
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