Youth loan scheme business plans

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Khula SME Fund

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How to raise fund for business in Nigeria, Sources of Funding for Entrepreneurs: After conceiving a business idea, an entrepreneur needs money to commence his or her business.

The first thing you need to know is the type of agricultural businesses that have access to the agric loans. While some do, others don’t. Some of the agricultural products that can give you access to agric loans in Nigeria are: cassava farming, fish farming, poultry farming, cotton farming, oil palm farming, pig farming, maize farming, rice farming, snail farming, and a lot more.

You can sign up to the free, easy to use, Durham 4 Community website to: search for funding schemes available for your group apply for funding get advice on producing your funding application The portal can be accessed directly through the link above or through the Durham County Council website.

You can sign up to the free, easy to use, Durham 4 Community website to: search for funding schemes available for your group apply for funding get advice on producing your funding application The portal can be accessed directly through the link above or through the Durham County Council website.

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Youth loan scheme business plans
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